Areas of Practice

TOLENTINO ADVOGADOS law firm provides consultancy and litigation services in various areas of law.

Administrative Law, Government Procurement
  • Assistance for clients interested in taking part in a public bid for the concession of public services and constructions and permits to render public services.
  • Examination of public notices and administrative contracts and pertinent legislation.
  • Client representation before regulatory agencies.
  • Client representation in both administrative and judicial proceedings in bidding related areas and in contracts entered into with the public administration.
Litigation and Arbitration
  • Client representation before all Brazilian courts, in such legal areas as civil, commercial, corporate, banking, bankruptcy, consumer, family and estate planning, competition, IP, administrative, tax, labor, environmental, municipal, and electoral law.
  • Request for homologations of foreign court decisions, including enforcement of rogatory letters.
  • Consultancy services and client representation in arbitration and mediation proceedings.
Contract Law
  • Assistance to both national and foreign clients in negotiating, examining and drawing up civil and commercial contracts such as: purchase and sale of goods, commercial representation, supply of goods, technology transfer, patents and trademarks, software licensing, service rendering, banking, among others.
Consumer Relations
  • Assistance in drawing up and negotiating contracts under the Consumer Code.
  • Client representation before consumer protection bodies (PROCON) and before specialized courts.
Bankruptcy Law
  • Bankruptcy and ‘Chapter 11’ filing (reorganization).
    Representation of client’s interests in a third party’s bankruptcy and ‘Chapter 11’.
  • Debt renegotiation for companies going through a financial crisis.
Family Law and Estate Planning
  • Client representation in divorce proceedings.
  • Client representation in inventory-related matters.
  • Assistance in estate planning.
Real Estate Law
  • Assistance in real estate dealings, including drawing up purchase and sale contracts, lease agreements and related matters.
  • Client representation in lawsuits involving real estate matters.
Municipal and Electoral Law
  • Assistance to city administrations and respective councils in matters related to public administration and municipal legislative procedures.
  • Assistance to politicians or candidates in electoral procedures.
  • Client assistance and representation in lawsuits before state and federal courts of accounts.
Corporate Law
  • Incorporation of business entities, drafting and execution of company bylaws and articles of incorporation, shareholders’ agreements, joint venture and consortium agreements.
  • Assistance in purchasing or disposing of shareholders’ equities or company assets.
  • Assistance and representation in shareholders’ meetings.
  • Assistance in the reorganization, spin-off and wind-up of companies.
  • Completion of due diligence.
Labor Law
  • Assistance in negotiations with trade unions to define collective bargaining agreements.
  • Defense in labor claims filed by employees or trade unions before Brazilian labor courts.
  • Preparation and execution of employment contracts.
  • Legal counseling and assistance in labor laws.
Tax Law
  • Tax counseling and litigation on federal, state and municipal levels, comprising taxes, charges and contributions of any kind, as well as international taxation.
  • Client counseling and representation in tax proceedings in both the administrative and the judicial levels.
  • Assistance in ongoing and imminent tax structuring projects.